Me & Myself

20131109-094211.jpgGood morning!

I thought I might sleep in today, but no dice. Too excited. My husband went to swim again and I’m in line at the Twlight Zone Tower of Terror. We’re both happy! He doesn’t like scary. Jurassic Park terrified him. Never again.

I got here early, so the streets weren’t very crowded. It hit me as I walked the old timey streets of Disney Hollywood Studios that I felt really content. Like it was the coolest thing to be wandering in the park myself. Not that hanging with my husband isn’t great, but Disney is somewhat more me than him. Although he is a Pooh, Beauty & the Beast and Little Mermaid fan (he thinks Ariel is hot).

I’m also a big movie fan, impressing people in the industry and making for good party tricks. It also aids in my social idiocy because I can usually discuss almost any movie with a degree of intelligence. I also dig the 50s for some weird reason. When I was a tween, I thought being a bobbysoxer in a poodle skirt was the ultimate.

So I love the feel of Hollywood Studios from that heyday. I can pretend I might run into Bogie.

I’m also a fan of Twilight Zone. I used to watch the episodes on my rabbit ear TV. Yes, I’m old. Ish. Born in the 70s old.

A bonus of doing rides alone: single travelers squeeze in line earlier to fill in spots.

WEEEEEE!!! That was fun. Too bad my picture had some chicks arm in front of half my face. I looked like I was having a blast. The freefall drops seem like they’ll never end. Loved it.

20131109-094123.jpgNext, Rock n Roller Coaster. They have a separate line for single riders. Cut the wait time from 30 minutes to 5. I’ve never been on this ride, so I’m jazzed.

The ride was great, but short. I’m not a huge Aerosmith fan, but their music was a fun accompaniment to the roller coaster in the dark. I love roller coasters. Weirdly, I’m terrified by Ferris wheels.

The picture of me on the Rock & Roller turned out good, so I purchased the digital file. I’ll post it later. I’ve got my signature piece of gum showing in the corner of my mouth. Judy’s Got Some Gum. See what I did there, Aerosmith fans?

20131109-103225.jpgAnother love of mine is Kermit the Frog. I went to the Muppet shop, but was kind of disappointed at the limited items. I was hoping for a souvenir.

My husband is meeting me at Epcot in a little bit. We’re having lunch there and figuring out where to meet after the race. My husband is having no luck with transportation. The only times I’ve had issues were with the runDisney shuttle yesterday and when I’ve been with him. I wonder what someone has to do to get bad transportation karma.

I have to be careful today. No twisting ankles. Notice I’m not hanging at the pool. I’m really bad at sitting still.

It was a nice, relaxing morning, though. If you consider being spun around, dropped from heights and being hit with g-force relaxing.


5 thoughts on “Me & Myself

  1. TartanJogger says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I share your love of Kermit and the tower of terror- maybe because I’m born-in-the-seventies old too!

  2. I love the Aerosmith ride! Fast and fun! I also enjoy the Tower of Terror, but my 4 year old did not like it one bit. Not one bit. Many tears. My sis freaked out on it too. Not for everyone I guess.

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