Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Race Weekend

I’m going to try something new today and report as I go through race packet pick up. My husband has gone to swim, so I’ve got some alone time. I sent him off since I suspect this morning will be not fun.

First off, I didn’t know that transportation would only be from “host” resorts. Of which the Animal Kingdom Lodge is not one. Meaning getting to the ESPN center is a royal pain.

20131108-085601.jpgSo I got up, waited for the bus from my hotel to the Animal Kingdom, and then transfer to another bus. So now I’m on a bus to the All Star resorts, which are host resorts. Then from there I need to get on a bus to ESPN. You still with me? A silly observation — this probably the only time I’ll be the only person on a Disney bus.


Sign tucked around the corner

I’m now waiting in the queue at the All Star Movie Resort by a sign that says I can catch the bus to ESPN here. A few other runners are hanging here as well. Two busses for Hollywood Studios have come. Turns out, this is the wrong spot and there is a separate bus in another location that takes runDisney folk to the expo. Argh. Lucky for me another person in line asked and came back to tell me. People can be nice.

A little frustrated with how the transportation information has been communicated. I did just hear another bus rider quip, “on yet another bus…” I feel like I spent an inordinate amount of time on busses the last few days.

Ya know, we can’t spend our hard earned dollars if we’re bus riding 80 percent of our trip. Plus if they’re like me, gets me a little cranky. Or that’s because I wasn’t able to get a cup of coffee before this escapade.

Good thing the bus driver is a comedian. Plus everyone on the bus is excited about the races.

20131108-221911.jpgFirst good news of the day: I easily got my corral problem fixed! I’m in Corral B! Yay! This will send me off with the crowd expected to finish in less than 1 hour and 55 minutes. Fingers crossed.

I’ve picked up my shirt and gear bag and my husband’s ticket to the after party. I bought an official merchandise 1/4 zip, a Running Skirt and sleeves, a Flip Band and a temporary tattoo.

Next up: 20 minute massage.

Oh, that was a good idea. Calf muscles feel ready!


Me & Jeff Galloway

I got in line just in time to meet Jeff Galloway whose running training program got me through my first half marathon. I’m also going to use his method to train for my first marathon next year. I bought his book on qualifying for Boston and got it signed. Plus a picture with him! I was sooooo excited!

I’ve used his iPhone apps, and I have to say, I find his voice super soothing.

I’m glad I was wrong about the packet pickup and expo being unfun.

Back on the bus again. Good omen: Queen was on the radio, “Somebody to Love.” I ❤ Freddie Mercury.

When I get back to my resort, I’ve got an easy 3-4 mile shakeout run on my schedule. Then the Magic Kingdom for a couple hours and FOOD!








9 thoughts on “Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Race Weekend

  1. jsrelease@gmail.com says:

    Love the skirt. You look super cute and happy in your photo with Mr. Galloway. And Queen is always a good omen. Good Luck!!

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