Some Pictures from Disney World

We weren’t very ambitious today. Mostly we rode around on Disney property buses. Not really because that was how we wanted to spend the day, but whatever.

Dinner was awesome. We ate at Jiko, which is an African themed restaurant at the Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge. I forgot to bring my phone, so no pictures of my lamb two ways or beet salad or delicious trio of stuffed naan or the quail egg and pork belly amuse bouche.

Tomorrow morning it’s off to the race expo. Right now, I’m ready for sleep.


On the bed when we arrived.


More towel origami.


Lego Maleficent & knight


Old fashioned hot air balloon (cool but you’ll never catch me riding one)


Lego Woody & Buzz ‘falling… with style!’


4 thoughts on “Some Pictures from Disney World

    • Really? How cool! Did you get to go backstage and feed the giraffes?

      Yep, we’re staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s pretty cool except for not being one of the race host properties.

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