I Don’t Run Like Phoebe

It’s the last few days before the Disney half marathon. I feel excited, and, yes, nervous. But my main goal is to have fun and I know I will.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m hoping to smash my half marathon personal best. That’s my idea of fun. 😉

Yesterday, I met with my Chi running coach. It was a quick/easy session as it was supposed to be a day off from training. In which I did a warm yoga vinyasa class and did headstands and flipped over by accident once. Dumbass, like I want to hurt myself. But the stretching felt good.

In this Chi session, she filmed me running, which being self-conscious and un-photogenic, almost made me freaked out. But I was able to get over it and just be natural. Or as natural as a weirdo like me is capable.

Surprisingly, I did not look like a running dork. I’d wondered if I flailed around like Phoebe Buffay on that episode of Friends when Rachel is embarrassed to run with her in Central Park. In fact, I did well with my form. I looked just like Meb Keflezighi in that ‘science of running’ segment that ESPN showed before the NYC Marathon on Sunday. Except that my stride is about a quarter as long, so I look a lot less gazelle-like and more like a frantic wind up doll going nowhere, slow. Minor difference between a world-class runner and a decrepit 40-something lady. 😛

Coach suggested a few slight modifications to help me from unnecessarily trashing my quads (I land a little too soft at the knees, probably a remnant of my ballet days), and my left arm occasionally crosses the midline, which is a waste of energy. She suggested that in the race, I use the start of each mile as a “reset” point to check my form. Even if I only remember to use good form for the first few minutes of each mile, I’ve saved my legs from fatigue so I can better use them later in the race.

I’m not big into the whole “carb-loading” before a race thing and I think I’ll handle the taper just fine. Mostly I’m worried about a snafu in my Disney registration that put me in the wrong starting corral, which I’ll have to fix when I get to Orlando. The last thing I need is to have to bob and weave around the slower runners/walkers because I had to start further back than where I should be. Even though my foot is better, it doesn’t like too much swerving. I could do like my son would do in soccer when a much larger kid came at him — tuck my head, make a crazy-person face and charge, and people would sensibly get out of my way. Possibly I’d be able to dodge underneath people’s legs, but I have a feeling that’d be frowned upon.

Did I mention I’m packing my Jaws-meets-Ariel bathing suit for this trip?




12 thoughts on “I Don’t Run Like Phoebe

  1. Still not sure about that costume… slightly wrong on a bunch of levels!

    Have fun… can you really have fun on a half marathon? I’d be of course cheering you on, from just next to the doughnut stand no doubt 🙂

  2. I like the idea of resetting each mile. I had my form analyzed once (Pose running class) and the thought of making all those changes (mainly heel striking for me) made me miserable. I couldn’t think of anything else while running! Good luck, and I love the comment about just wanting to have fun…and of course PR. Love that spirit! Go get it!

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