Random Stuff that Only I Care About

Today starts NaNoWriMo and I officially have no idea of what I am going to write. I guess I’ll just start typing and see what happens.

It’s perhaps a little foolish to take this on this month as I won’t be home for about half of November. But I hate excuses and so I will do my best. I managed to train for running through a ton of travel and personal strife this year. I can manage to babble on the page 1,500 words a day for a month. I think. It doesn’t gave to be good. 😉

20131101-113621.jpgSpeaking of good writing, I just read the book Hyperbole & a Half by Allie Brosh, author of a blog by the same name. I read the book in one sitting, and my husband teased me the next day for giggling throughout. Like helpless giggling with tears in my eyes (that he couldn’t see because he was upstairs, and I swear I was trying to be quiet, but I just couldn’t). Allie’s book, like her blog, are heartbreaking and self-aware, yet spot-on funny. Her drawings are hysterical. Her description of depression and the emotions coming back hit me like a bag of frozen corn. Please read this book. Don’t ask me why that feels important for me to say. I simply loved this book. Or maybe I related too much, especially the last part about feeling like I’m a shitty person.

[btw, imarunner & any other readers who have a fear of being attacked by a goose, she has a whole vignette about that happening — in her house!]

My race is a week from tomorrow. It’s a late night run — it starts at 10pm. I’m excited to run in the Disney parks while they’re all lit up, but it’ll be interesting to see how to manage my day before the race. I can’t go higgledy-piggily about Disney World before the race and wear my legs out. I’m awful at sitting by the pool, but I may have to force myself to do it (oh, the distress!). The weather could be anywhere from the upper 70s into the 90s, so I need to hydrate. And I also have to eat with caution. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to puke on Disney property, even if running a half marathon. That’s what the secret tunnels are for: to shuttle out rogue vomiters and feed them to the gators outside the park.

That would be a terrible way to prematurely end my race.

I’ve not started packing yet. I’m developing a real aversion to packing. I’m thinking I’m just going to pack mostly running clothes and the hell with regular duds. I have several running skirts from Running Skirts and Skirt Sports that I think I can pull off as regular clothing while in Florida. And even if I can’t pull it off, I don’t care. It’s annoying to carry extra clothes when 90% of the time I’ll be in workout gear.

I’m not very high maintenance. I’d almost say ‘no maintenance,’ but then you might starting thinking I’m disgusting. I do shower, er, almost every other day. It’s been over a year since my last haircut (it’s always in a ponytail and I trim my own bangs) and my grandfather used to tease me that I was going to put Max Factor out of business. Ok, maybe I’m kind of icky and/or lazy. At least I don’t smell bad. I think.

On the plus side, my husband appreciates that I don’t need an entourage of suitcases when we travel.


Loaded with easy to digest nitrates, vitamins & slow burning carbs

At least we’re flying Southwest and they don’t gouge us with bag fees. I have to check one bag because I have fuel stuff to bring with me, like my beet & sweet potato purée. Don’t knock it for sounding gross. It works. My son thinks it’s funny that I’m eating baby food. He asks if the dentures aren’t working out since I can’t chew my own food. Hilarious, that boy.

Meanwhile, it’s taper time. I think I’ll be fine this time and not so squirrelly since my taper is not being enforced by an injury. I have an 8-miler tomorrow, then just easy, short runs next week and a couple yoga sessions.

Not on my list of approved foods are macarons. I love these cookies. They taste as good as they look — although I am a little suspect about the colors. These can’t be natural. Oh well. They have to be a step up from processed cheese-food. I’m sticking with that story.

Maybe if I eat a ton of macarons before my race and have to throw up, Disney will be ok with the technicolors and not eject me. Disney approved spew. Nah, better not test it out.


Favors: rose, Earl Grey, pistachio & salted caramel


12 thoughts on “Random Stuff that Only I Care About

  1. Gladys says:

    I absolutely LOVE Hyperbole and A Half, I cannot wait to get the book. Her description of depression socked me in the gut – it’s exactly right, spot on, and heartbreaking. And funny, if you can believe that…

    (also her story about the dogs in the car made me laugh so hard I cried)

  2. Those cookies look awesome. And Hyperbole and a Half is a great blog. I imagine the book is also awesome. Have a good time with all that you are doing. I like your energy.

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