The One in Which My Foot Reminds Me It’s There

My foot injury seems to be doing alright, but today I did feel some twinges that made me a little nervous. It’s good to remember I’m not fully healed, as much as I want to believe it’s fine.

In some ways, getting injured was a good thing at this point in my running. For one, it made me reassess the pressure I’ve been putting on myself to improve. I just started running in February. I know I have blogged that point ad nauseum, but I often forget that I’ve been at this for a short period of time and I’m 43 years old. I may be doing beyond my initial expectations, but that doesn’t mean I should begin to expect miracles.

Big goals are great, but breaking yourself en route to them is foolish.

Another benefit of my injury is that it reminded me running is fun when I’m not expecting myself to PR every time. PRs come often when you’re new at running, and they’re fun to achieve. But it’s not why I run.

20131028-221615.jpgI run because it makes me happy. Because it feels good to move. Because it takes away stress and worry. Because I love to run.

Getting injured gets in the way of that. It’s good my foot reminded me of that today.

Of course, I write all this when excited about the workout I did today. This is the last extended workout in the training cycle. I do have an 8 mile run on Saturday, but it’s a slow run. Next week is the real taper week, and I’ll be traveling to Orlando a week from Thursday.

Considering I ran a challenging 12 miles on Saturday, I’m pleased with how this 7.2 miler turned out today.

I feel strong. I don’t know how it will translate race day, but I’ve done the work.


7 thoughts on “The One in Which My Foot Reminds Me It’s There

  1. That is a great run and pace. I’m glad your foot is doing fine and as you say, it is good to remind yourself that it isn’t 100% yet. It seems you are almost there!!! I’m sure you will do great in Orlando!

  2. Nice work my friend! I’m going to need to build up to your speed. I just started my first day of running…! Imagine if your foot wasnt hurt! Our be beating the Kenyans:)

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