Run Away! Run Away!


The other day, I must’ve been feeling paranoid because every time I came upon people on my run, I started calculating how I’d escape if they tried to attack me.

Does anyone else do this?

In one case, from the distance there were three male youths who I couldn’t figure out why they’d be strolling in the park since they looked like hoodlums. Only… when I got a little closer I realized they were actually a teen girl walking with her older mom and dad, the latter of which was struggling to walk with a limp. A real threat, in other words.

Another suspicious bearded individual was standing off the path and just staring up into a tree. I saw nothing in the tree. He didn’t seem to be some tree doctor. This was pretty weird behavior, so I was glad there was this old dude on a bike riding around nearby. Because I’m sure he could save me if the bearded tree-lover made a move.

This is what I get for listening to Stephen King when I run.

Another note to self: remember that Mr. King can be quite descriptive and that when he segues into a detailed account of a hungover guy puking pork rinds in a shit filled toilet, you might get nauseated during your run.

But on a more serious note, it isn’t the worst thing in the world for me to be aware of my surroundings when I run. I’m a little person and would probably make a good target for a bad person. Yes, I probably could outrun a lot of people, but what if I’m tired? What if they manage to surprise me before I can run?

An unintended gift of being abused by my mother often makes me run through defense scenarios if I feel the smallest tingling of my spidey senses. If an attacker catches me, go for the eyes. If you’re being choked, don’t spend energy trying to pry the hands off, go for a vulnerable hit to the ears. Know where all potential weapons are located (rock, branch, car keys). Stay alive.

So long as I try to be smart about my surroundings, I don’t want fear to keep me from going out in the world. I had enough being held prisoner by fear to last a lifetime.

In the meantime, if I see any cute bunny rabbits when I run, I know what to do.


15 thoughts on “Run Away! Run Away!

  1. One of my favourite films ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s just a rabbit.

    It is a shame you feel like that. I used to be very afraid a lot of the time, I saw attacks around every corner. I don’t feel like that now I worked on it logically, i.e. These things don’t regularly happen near me where I live etc. Now I love the freedom of not having that fear associated with every day.

  2. I often develop strategies, too. Somedays I plan more than others. It usually revolves around how stressed I am in my life. I think I mentioned I saw an interview with Steven King. He was asked if he’d ever written a book that scared him. “Once. I keep it in the back of the bottom drawer of my dresser to remind myself to never write something that scary again.”

  3. Yeah, you need to change the books you listen to and the movies you watch!
    Twice in my life I had the tingling that I was about to be attacked/mugged. Once in London and once in Atlanta. When I saw the guys coming to me, I immediately started acting like a crazy person – making weird yells and slapping my face. These guys want easy targets, so they turned and walked away both times!

  4. It is only a rabbit. Lol. Love that film

    I used to be scared of this kind of thing seeing attacks at every corner. It has got better over the years as I’ve applied logic to it, namely I don’t see attacks, or hear about them etc so I’ve learnt to be stronger about it.

  5. I usually worry about dodging Canadian Geese. There have been a few times when I’m alone at night and come up to a group of teens. I know in the long run I can out run them, but if they can sprint for 100 yrds I’m toast.

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