Happy Feet


Sent by my personal trainer

I had a great run yesterday. It was what my training plan called “as you feel” and the idea is to forget about pace and run whatever feels good.

Of course, I still used my GPS watch for the run, but I didn’t check my pace except when the mile markers beeped. I like being able to gauge my perceived effort with actual pace so I can try running more on feel than depending on my watch. I’m getting better at not glancing every 30 seconds at the thing.

Apparently, I was feeling pretty good because I ran 7.2 miles with an average pace of 8:41 per mile — including going up a half mile hill where I held steady. It wasn’t a “hard” effort, except the hill, which was really a nice feeling when I finished.

I had some sort of pain going on in my right shoulder/neck most likely because of my yoga/strength training the day before. Hopefully that will calm down. I have a chronic issue with pinched nerves there, which mostly causes numbness. Sometimes the strength work aggravates it. It was more annoying than a hindrance, although it did affect how I was swinging my arms at times.

I practiced some of the techniques my chi running coach showed me, especially loosening up my ankles, the lean forward at the ankles and using my obliques to get up the hill. It feels awkward, but I think I’ll get better at it with time. Running this way does seem to take some stress off my legs.


Newton Energy — what’s with the weird vein inside my left ankle?

I also tried out some new Newton running shoes. These are their latest, the Newton Energy. They’re meant to be sort of a bridge shoe between more traditional running shoes and the lug bottomed shoes that are Newton’s hallmark. I liked the Energy well enough, but really felt the run more in my heels than I do with the a Distance or Momentum shoes. I like the style and color of the Energy, but I’m not sure I want to use them for runs longer than 5 or so miles. It was probably a little dumb to try out new shoes with a recovering foot injury just a couple weeks before a race.

Ok, probably a lot dumb. I couldn’t resist the lure of new running gear.


If you’re a foot fetishist, today’s your day on soveryslightlymad! Actually, I met a foot fetishist once and he was really weird. Apologies to all normal foot fetishists for my prejudicial statement.

Today is a rest day! I’m going to go to a yoga class late afternoon, just something to relax my mind and stretch a little. Tomorrow is my last double-digit run before my race. It’s a doozy of a progression run for 12 miles. So resting and stretching today sounds just fine.

My semi-famous husband is giving a presentation on his channel swim at a local Y tonight, so today is a low-key, lazy day for me. Right now, I’m just hanging out in bed with my Mojo compression socks on. I’m pretending I’m working, but I’m really just drinking coffee and perusing blogs. And using whitening trays on my teeth because all these race pictures made me realize that all the coffee I’ve been drinking is not doing my smile any favors.

I missed my home while traveling. This feels like heaven.


7 thoughts on “Happy Feet

    • I love my Newton shoes. I have like 5 pairs (two of which are the same Distance shoes, one for the treadmill and one all-terrain, then the new Energy that I wrote about in this post). I need shoes without stability because the stability shoes wreak havoc on my natural stride, from ankles to hip.

  1. tundrawoman says:

    I’ve been using the Crest 5 min. Daily Stain strips for years. They really work great-my dentist is very impressed. (Other people thought I had dentures!) I like ’em because I can stick them on in the AM post-cofffee while I’m making the bed, picking up a bit around the house etc. They’re the least, IDK, intrusive? PITA? whitening product I’ve found.
    I do think you’ll like them!

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