Couple Fun


My husband ran with me this morning!

I’m sort of a solitary runner, but I really enjoyed this. We ran from the Prudential Center area to the start of Commonwealth Mall, through and around Boston Common, then back down Commonwealth. We did just a little over a 5k, but ran it in 26:19 with negative splits. I was able to hold a conversation at that pace (he talked much less, although that’s usually the case). It felt pretty comfortable to me, which is good because that pace ought to be comfortable for me at this point.

My husband called it a torture run. I don’t know if that’s because I talked so much or how fast we went. Probably both.


13 thoughts on “Couple Fun

    • This was a first. He’s a swimmer, but he’s been looking for more of a rounded exercise routine since finishing his English Channel swim. He’s got a perpetual shoulder injury he’s letting heal.

      I took it easy on him ;). His stamina/endurance is strong but his legs aren’t quite run-ready.

  1. Haha! My husband and I usually have to alternate days that we run (we have young children), but there are times where we run together – and I use the term “together” loosely because he stays with me for a bit, then I can’t keep up and tell him to go ahead. His legs are twice as long as mine so I feel bad holding him back!

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