Smart Fitness Planning

20131016-150326.jpgI met with my personal trainer for the first time in over a month. She spent a bunch of the session evaluating the tension of my muscles, my form and imbalances. She and my chiro are going to work together to help strategize how to keep me injury free.

I’ve also hauled my butt back to several yoga classes. I had good reasons for letting my crosstraining falling by the wayside, what with hardly being home and major family responsibilities. And while I didn’t use all the crazy schedule as an excuse to not run, I really should’ve made more time for strength and stretching. I’m sure my injury could have been mitigated by better overall fitness.

I definitely felt a big improvement after my yoga classes.

One thing my trainer and I discussed was future planning after my Disney half marathon next month. I’m going to scale back the mileage and speed drills for a couple months and focus on strength, stretching and add in more spin classes. Some less impact stuff to allow my foot to fully heal while shoring up the supporting ankle and leg muscles.

After that, I’m going to start preparing for my first full marathon. I recently was made aware that to Boston Marathon qualify (“BQ” for those non-runners), I only have to meet the qualifying time for my age at the time of the Boston marathon I want to run. Since I will turn 45 a couple months before the 2015 Boston Marathon, I get pushed into the next age category, giving me 10 extra minutes at 3:55. Totally doable. In fact, I think I could do the 3:45 with training, and the more cushion I have, the better my chance of getting a spot in the race. (Again, for my non-running readers, this year several thousand qualified runners were shut out of the 2014 race due to an increase of participation interest post-bombing. Those who were closest to the qualifying cut off were the ones who didn’t get entries.)

I’m playing it safe-ish with my running the next couple weeks. This week is supposed to be my peak mileage week, but last half marathon, I injured myself a couple days after my peak week. So I’m scaling the miles a bit. My foot isn’t 100 percent plus I’ve noticed that my speed has come back with a vengeance despite not being able to max out my training plan while injured.

On Sunday, I meet with a chi running coach for the first time. She’s going to assess my running form and hopefully help me stay injury free. I’m excited to work with someone. As much as I love that running is a solitary sport for me, I do think there are benefits to running with others.

I’m glad my schedule is getting to be more normal now. My house is still kind of a wreck with a lot of clothes and suitcases needing to be put away. At least the laundry is all clean. I’ll get to it… eventually. A slightly messy (but not dirty) house is ok for a little while. It’ll keep.


9 thoughts on “Smart Fitness Planning

    • No (although an incompetent orthopedist diagnosed that — and I fired him)

      It’s capsulitis of the second metatarsal. Which is the way of saying the joint on my second toe was seriously inflamed and led to some tendonitis issues. I couldn’t even walk on it right. Now it’s just tight and doesn’t do well with any sort of dodging or stopping and starting.

      It’s better than a stress fracture, though, because we can do therapies on it so I can still run.

  1. I haven’t had a class, but I did watch some youtube videos on Chi Running a few years ago and try to keep it in mind when I run. Good luck!
    I hope to BQ one day, but right now that means a 3:10 marathon….not there yet!

  2. I read Chi Running back when I started running. I think a Chi coach would be awesome. Their techniques are great. Maybe I need to break the book back out! I think I’ve gotten away from it quite a bit.
    Congrats on the possible BQ. 10 minutes is a lot of time. I’m sure you can get there!!!

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