The Boy that Ate Boston

My baby boy came home from college for the weekend. We’ll be going to his school on Friday for parents’ weekend, but he still wanted to come home for a few days. We picked him up at the train station on Saturday and dropped him back off there this afternoon I miss him already.

Yesterday, he and I went shopping for food and DVDs. Apparently he misses having me to stock the pantry with his favorites. Honestly, I don’t know how the kid is so skinny the way he shovels food in. We filled a pretty good sized suitcase with snacks and he raided Walmart’s $5 DVD bin for a dozen movies. He also tried to scam $20 off me, which I refused. Ok, I gave him $10. He thinks I’m a hardass. But really I’m a marshmallow. I have good reasons for withholding cash. He didn’t really expect me to give him any, but thought it was worth trying.

When asked why he came home, he said, “I just thought I should come home once in awhile.” Like it would kill him to say he missed us. Lol. He actually sat in the same room with us for two nights and not holing up in the basement. It was almost like he was in middle school again and he wasn’t repulsed by us!

Next weekend he wants us to bring his guitar to school. This makes me happy.

We’ll be taking him out to dinner Friday. He wants to go someplace he can get lots of leftovers. You’d think he’s starving to death.


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