Just When I Thought I was Camera-Ready

Well, I spoke too soon when I said that I’m usually happy with my race pictures. These aren’t my favorites, but I do look like I’m having fun. This is the closest you’ll see me in a Halloween costume.

I’m going to buy the (pretty much overpriced) photos once I see all those available. These are nearing the finish. I think there should be a couple more, although I didn’t see any official photographers on the course, only at the end.

Oh, and I did high five a couple guys around mile 3. I hope I never get tired of that.

And I’d like to add a special thanks to the Black Girls Run group. They had, by far, the best supporters on the course. Even if they weren’t there to cheer me on specifically, they still made the race more fun with their enthusiasm. They were awesome.




9 thoughts on “Just When I Thought I was Camera-Ready

  1. Uh, these look pretty good to me! I have ONE semi-decent one from my race. The rest are close to the finish line when I thought I was dying and my face looks like it’s about to implode. Take out that bank loan and buy both!

  2. You certainly look to be having much more fun than I would on a run like that.. but let’s be honest any photo of me would have been of me horizontal before half way! LOL

  3. I’d be lucky if I was on my hands and knees instead of the prone position-which would be after the first 10 ft. I have now developed a neuroma on my L foot-try saying that when you make a medical appointment! 😉
    You look GREAT in both pictures!!! Just remember where you were two Falls ago: Probably on the couch where I’m pretty much making a permanent butt-indent. C’mon, buy ’em both! I love to see you smiling when you’re running. And that does not look like a Halloween costume: It looks like a very attractive woman having a great time!
    Thank you for everything you’ve shared, for giving me hope and most especially, for being you. DH may have swum the Channel, but he has nothing on you, PV!

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