New 10k Race PB

20131013-213307.jpgI had a great race today. It started a little slower than I’d like because of crowding, but that also meant I had lots of gas left for the remaining 5.2 miles. I had one lagging mile, the 5th, which was mostly uphill, but mile six was back faster again and the last half mile was at a 7:45 pace.

So… a new 10k race personal best time of 53:14. I’ve done faster in training, most recently a 51:23 last Tuesday, but I never know if training records “count” or if it’s only worthy if it is at race time.

I do realize that the disparity between my training performance and race performance is a mental issue on my part. In races, I tend to fret over what my last mile will be like during the first few miles and start prematurely diagnosing how tired I am. So today I focused on debunking these false thoughts and reminding myself my body is stronger than I give it credit.

The icing on today is that I came in #13 of 336 women in my age division, which puts me in the top 4% for geezer ladies.

This race was a much needed confidence booster for my Disney Half Marathon, which is four weeks from today.

Next up? I’m volunteering for the rUndead obstacle race (with zombies!) that raises money for Special Olympics. Should be fun to watch!

I’m not a big “inspirational saying” gal, but here’s one I like:

I can. I will. I am.


17 thoughts on “New 10k Race PB

  1. I was remembering how often Olympic competitors often complain they do something perfect in practice and then miss in the split second it counts. You are amazing! Go you!!

  2. You go “geezer lady!” Haha too funny! My first race of the fall is a 10k next month and your time sounds GREAT! And the zombie race sounds awesome – I hope you post pics of that one! Awesome for raising money for Special Olympics – my brother has Down’s Syndrome and was a Special Olympian many years in his youth (he’s 33 now :).

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