Knocking on Wood

I’ve had two terrific runs in a row. Yesterday was 9.3 miles in my park (yes, my park. I’m claiming ownership and I want to smack the people who leave their trash littering the grounds. I want to volunteer as park litter police) and today was my first speed workout since my injury.

The nine mile run was relaxed and I felt like I could run forever. I had the proverbial gas left in the tank and even ran my last half mile at target race pace.

Today I was nervous to do my scheduled tempo run, but it went great.


What I’m taking away from this is that I don’t have to push quite as hard as I had been to do as well or even better than before I got hurt. I think that easing off a little has helped me some and it’s reminded me how much I enjoy just pure running. Don’t get me wrong, nailing my tempo workout was awesome and it felt easy to me (knock on wood — dear lord, and I’m not even superstitious), but the slow, long run was just so happy.

I used my injury “down” time to focus on form, and I think it’s been helpful. I also got to work on a lot of downhill running, one of my weaknesses, and I feel I’ve improved in that.

I just have to remember to continue to treat my body right and things should be ok. Knock on wood.


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