Where Am I?

We got home from our Channel Swim adventure late Wednesday/early Thursday. The last few days are still in that post-travel haze. I haven’t tried too hard to unpack–we have three months’ worth of reorganizing to do. While I’m looking forward to less travel in the next month, cleaning up the chaos of the previous months isn’t too thrilling. I’m sure I’ll finally find my missing shoes that I last wore to my father-in-law’s funeral back in July.

Up next in my schedule is the Rock n Roll 10k in Brooklyn on October 12, which will be just an overnighter. Then the following week, we’re headed to Boston for Parents Weekend and see the prodigal son (who called today just to say hello!!! 🙂 ).

After that it’s off to Orlando for the November 9 Disney Half Marathon. I’ve been hyper-scheduling that trip, including nice dinners, a fun backstage tour and a post-race massage, so that I hope my husband and I will have a relaxing time. I have to say, this trip to England ended up stressing me out. We had a total of 7 people in our group, one of which I felt commandeered too much of when and how we did everything and I wanted to scratch his eyes out by the end. I wanted to be cool about it, but it reminded me of the few horrible vacations with my parents, so he inadvertently pushed some of my buttons. I ended up having a tiff with my husband over it, which almost never happens. I don’t lose my temper often, so it was an unpleasant event for both me and my husband. Luckily he’s pretty good with handling me when I do get upset. I think it freaks him out when I finally do hit that wall, so he usually apologizes quite nicely. I never want to hang on to anger anyway, so it works out ok for the most part.

Anyway, after Disney, we’re going to spend a few days with my father-in-law’s widow. We always spent thanksgiving with them, so we don’t know what is going to happen this year. What we do know is that my mother-in-law is probably expecting us to spend it with her now and would be upset if we spent it with the stepmother. Family relations don’t get easier.

I’m trying to pick some marathons for next year’s goals. I’m pretty sure I want to do the Nike Women’s Marathon, but I want to do a “test” race prior to that one. Any suggestions, running people?

I also want to get guitar back on my schedule. Meeting Furtheron reminded me that I want to get back to lessons again. I need to make some noise!

That’s about it. I think I wanted to write this post to reorient my head as much as anything else. So, if you’re still paying attention and haven’t nodded off, I’ll leave you with a couple more England pictures.

In Dover Castle (yes, that is my husband’s head)

The caravan flew the US flag all week after my husband’s successful channel swim. Behind the pole, you can see the plaques of other swimmers who succeeded and stayed at the same caravan park.

Hever Castle where Anne Bolelyn lived20131004-124158.jpg



Grouse for dinner

The London set for the musical Wicked


8 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. The more people that go on a trip…the more annoying it can be. At least in my own personal experience:). How about bringing your guitar and running the indianapolis mini marathon in may? I like to pick at my guitar too, but I usually put that down first when I get busy. Glad lure home for a minute:)

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