Expedia.com sucks

I’m a seasoned traveler. We’ve stayed in everything up to the best hotels in the world to (recently) a caravan park. I’ve been using online travel bookings since Prodigy (remember them?) first started services. I’ve been pretty pleased…

Until now.

Let me just say I would rather spend more money than ever use expedia again. Their customer service is horrible. Don’t ask to speak to a supervisor because they will hang up on you rather than send a complaint up the chain of command.

Be very very careful booking through them because they use “bait & switch” tactics on many of their listed prices. Go ahead and click through the “book” button and you might very well find yourself actually charged close to double the quoted rate with no recourse for getting your money back. This is what happened to us after booking four rooms.

The customer service reps were useless and indifferent.

Epic fail.


5 thoughts on “Expedia.com sucks

  1. I’ve had several friends advise using them for price comparisons only and then booking direct with whoever it is you want to use. However, reading your post, it sounds like they don’t give you the price and then give you a buy this button but simply go straight to buy. Am I understanding correctly?

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