Blog Friend Meet Up, Close Call with Johnny Depp and a Very Sad Fish

20130927-173026.jpgThe past few days have been eventful. First, yesterday I had the opportunity to meet blogger Furtheron of Guitars & Life. He graciously made the drive to our caravan park and even more graciously bought me a cup of coffee when I stupidly left my money at the trailer. I am still mortified.

We had a terrific chat at a cliff top cafe and covered all sorts of topics. It’s always so great to meet someone and discover they are exactly as cool as they seemed to be on the blog posts.

20130927-173405.jpgLast night my husband, his swim crew and I went to an Asian food place for dinner. I had a Malaysian curry for the first time. I took this picture of a very unhappy looking fish in his bowl. It really ruined the mood. I wonder if he’d seen the chef preparing sushi.

Today, after a 10k run, we all headed to Dover Castle, a spectacular British stronghold. A film crew was on site having been working on the upcoming Disney film Into the Woods starting Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, Johnny Depp and more. They were clearing up some of the set and a second crew to shoot non-acting scenes were setting up. One crew member said Depp was shorter than my husband, which, seeing that my husband is pretty short, is surprising.

20130927-173551.jpgUnfortunately, we had no personal Depp sightings. But we did go on a fascinating tour of the Secret Underground Hospital that was basically a series of tunnels built during WWII.

One could easily get lost for hours on the castle grounds. Just navigating the tower’s many staircases kept us very busy. They had some nifty holograms of people role-playing that reminded me do much of Monty Python that I kept giggling despite that the sketches were not for outright humor.
Now my husband’s friends are hanging out in their trailer making cocktails, so this alkie is taking a breather elsewhere. Dinner isn’t for a couple more hours, and a nap beckons but I’m going to try not to drift off.




6 thoughts on “Blog Friend Meet Up, Close Call with Johnny Depp and a Very Sad Fish

  1. Please stop worrying about the coffee!! It was great to meet you and buying that was no hardship!!

    We love Dover Castle In use from Roman times to the 60s can’t be many castles with a continuous use statement like that.

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