Yanks in Canterbury

20130923-225837.jpgYesterday afternoon, we trekked out to Canterbury. Couldn’t have asked for a lovelier day.

We used GPS on my iPhone to figure out the detour (called the misnomer “diversion” here despite that there was nothing fun about all the roundabouts and narrow roads shared with oversized tractor trailers), and we laughed some at the weird way Siri pronounced Canterbury. Kind of like a Midwesterner: canter-bouray. Type it into your map app and have a listen.



We had lunch at a place that had terrific Moorish food. The owner was a charming Frenchman who was thrilled we’d found his place via Trip Advisor. We sat outside to enjoy the weather and the view of Canterbury Cathedral.

We walked the streets for awhile and then school let out, flooding the pedestrian walkways with teens in their school uniforms. It was very hard to not think “Hogwarts.”

My husband swims tonight. If you’re so inclined, wish him luck.


Zoomin on the blue-green dude

We thought this dude looked like the knight in the third Indiana Jones movie



Sexy holy guy in the cathedral

No Doctor Who sightings

Cellphones run amok at a cathedral concert (she was still playing the drums, if half-heartedly)





9 thoughts on “Yanks in Canterbury

  1. One of the most beautiful cathedrals. The nave is spectacular. You probably would like to see the movie Beckett which is about the murder of Thomas A. Beckett, the archbishop, by King Henry II. Very good reading in a book of the history of Canterbury as well.

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