The White Cliffs of Dover… and Not Much Else


Blog reader Furtheron was right when he warned me there wasn’t much to do here. Good thing I’m easily entertained. I brought several running books with me, including Chi Marathon, Run Simple and Mastering the Marathon. The last book is about marathoning after 40. When I get home, I’m going to start working with a Chi running coach to see if there’s tweaks in my running form can be made to prevent overuse injuries.

I’d planned on running this morning, but my foot feels a little tight from the plane ride, so I’m giving it a holiday for the day. I’ll probably take a walk though. I’m still too chicken to attempt driving the rental, but I may need to get over it. It’s a good 3-5 miles in either direction to get to a town, which is no big deal as a run, but problematic if I buy groceries or the like. I’m trying to figure out the best routes to run and not get hit by cars. I’m hoping to find some trails along the cliffs. The next couple weeks will be more about endurance and distance and recovery than speed. I’m also going to have to rethink my max distance week later in training to make sure I can avoid overuse injuries.

20130921-134319.jpgThe view from our location is beautiful. Even with some fog, we can see to France. We’re staying in what’s called a caravan village, which is basically a trailer park. Is a nice trailer park, although the wifi is in a separate building so I’m a bit less connected than usual. I’m spoiled.

I’m also hoping for some good food. Last night’s dinner was meh. But we went to the closest place to our trailer park. It was recommended by the owners, but a quick look at Trip Advisor after made me think I wouldn’t have chosen that place if I hadn’t gotten a recommendation. It was just pretty bland. I just heard that Dover has decent restaurants (we’re technically in Capel-le-Ferne, which is between the towns of Dover and Folkestone), although I’m not sure if when an Irishman calls a place “fine” if that’s a ringing endorsement or a culinary shrug.

20130921-134347.jpgThis park is where loads of Channel swimmers stay, so my husband has good company. Yesterday I got to meet the world record holder for the Channel swim, Australian Trent Grimsey. He did it in a little under 7 hours last year. Yes, I was creepy and furtively snapped his picture while he was talking to my husband. He’s crewing for another swimmer this year. Seems like a nice guy. It reminds me of the super fast runners who are humble vs the ones who want to push all slower runners out of races. (There’s a lot of noise in the running world about this… don’t get me started.)

The rest of my husband’s crew gets here tomorrow. One gal came over with us yesterday — she’s the one who just swam 25 miles to Canada and will be doing the Channel swim next year. We’re hoping that favorable weather comes early in my husband’s window so that we can all do some vacation stuff for the remainder of the trip. I can’t imagine how hard it will be for my husband to be on call until he can do the swim. It’d make me crazy.

Speaking of crazy, have I mentioned that these distance swimmers are a whole new brand of nuts? I normally do well with the fringe folk, but these guys are a whole new level of insane. They make my desire to do a full marathon seem wimpy in comparison.


2 thoughts on “The White Cliffs of Dover… and Not Much Else

  1. I always thought bland was the definition of British food. I happen to like it. Great idea to have someone work with you on form. My physical therapist spent a huge amount of time teaching me to walk correctly. Once I figured it out, it was so easy. I could have saved myself so much pain… You know, if I passed that guy on the street, I never would have guessed he was a swimming addict. Thanks for giving me a peek. šŸ™‚

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