On the Way to the UK

20130919-165326.jpgI did another recovery run today. Managed 3.1 without any walk breaks. It felt much less creaky than yesterday, although I did feel like my muscles are still pretty tired.

I was glad to be back running in “my” park. I hadn’t run there since I did my last long run, 13.2 miles, before I hurt my foot. I missed it. It’s such a great place, really safe, for runners. The local high school cross country team practices there, as well as several local running clubs. Because we ‘re catching a flight to London out of Newark, I considered just running on the treadmill or in my neighborhood. But I decided my morale needed the park.

I haven’t been to England in ages. I’m hoping to spend some time in London and possibly Paris. Most of the trip will be in Dover. I’m planning on running every chance I get. If anyone has suggested routes, let me know.

I’m now training for the Disney Wine & Dine half marathon in November, although I’m not quite doing my training plan this week as I need to take it easy getting back up to my pre-injury conditioning. Fingers crossed for breaking 2 hours and possibly breaking 1:50 for that race.

I’ve also been thinking it’s time to get back to guitar lessons. I’ve goofed around a little, but I need the structure to keep me doing more than noodling around.

I’m excited about this trip. If it’s half as good as Ireland, it will be fun times.


11 thoughts on “On the Way to the UK

  1. I’m finding every day that we have so many things in common! I also like to play a little diddy on my guitar. So when we visit one day in Paris or England, we can go for a quick run, and then jam out over a glass of wine…or lemonade for you! 🙂

  2. tundrawoman says:

    Isn’t is so much nicer to be outside, on your home turf than running on the treadmill? And just think-No sonny-boy throwing stuff out of the windows of your accommodations! 😉
    Have a great trip and enjoy!

  3. You are coming all this way and sitting in Dover – commiserations! The castle is really good though little else. In up the road to Canterbury that is great or Rochester he you have time that is nice too lots of history there.

    • I’m afraid there won’t be much else to do here if I don’t run. It’s looking pretty grim in this area. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to a more populous area sometime.

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