Shake Out Run

I just completed my first post-half marathon run. It wasn’t pretty.

For one, I’m still pretty sore. It’s important to do some sort of run after a major effort in order to get healing blood into the tired limbs. But my first tenth of a mile, I was hilariously stiff. Like a zombie run.

I only walked once, when I thought I felt a weird pull in my right hip. I also had two brief pauses crossing the street with traffic.

I only did 2.5 miles. I had thought I’d try 3.1, but I started getting shin splints. I haven’t had those in ages and I felt like it was a sign not to push things.

20130918-164301.jpgMy foot didn’t feel as good as Sunday, but it could be because I wore different Newton shoes. I’ve worn these three times and don’t like them as well. Can’t put a finger on exactly why.

My hips, ankles and quads all weren’t too keen on continuing either. But I did run negative splits.

I may get up and do a quick run tomorrow. We fly out to London tomorrow night. I’m not relishing the idea of being on a plane for seven+ hours. Hopefully my instant cold ice packs will be allowed in my carry-on bag so I can ice during the flight.

Now, I need to mail a care package to college-boy and pack my bags.


4 thoughts on “Shake Out Run

  1. I always take a week or two off after running a half….I feel like I deserve it, and that my metabolism will manage during this time:) you’re awesome!

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