Foot Injury Update

20130918-135428.jpgMy foot seems ok still, and a visit to the chiropractor seemed to bear this out. Whenever I wake up, the foot’s a little less well than later in the day after its been warmed up.


I went back to the orthopedist I saw in May. I’m not crazy about this guy (he’s officially fired, actually) because he seems more interested in kicking patients through than really diagnosing the problem. The conversation with him was frustrating, to say the least.

The short story is that he took some X-rays (not an MRI like I wanted. He didn’t seem to want to do one despite that he was uncertain of his diagnosis. :-/) and on 2 of the 3 saw some shadows that seemed to be maybe possibly a stress fracture. But he was not 100 percent. He seemed fairly wishy-washy.

Now, ask me why then he didn’t want to do an MRI? He basically said it could be soft tissue damage and that and MRI could confirm a stress fracture… Dude! Come the fuck on! And didn’t you say in May that it was Morton’s Neuroma? (Btw, my chiro says “neuroma” is the easy diagnosis a lot of doctors give patients when they can’t or don’t bother really looking into the problem.)

Anyway, he gave me a post-op shoe (so sexy!) to wear and instructed me to not run on it and come back in 3 weeks. Unless the foot felt fine and then don’t bother coming in for a follow up because if it was a fracture that healed, we wouldn’t be doing anything else for it anyway.


No concern over how to not injure it again? He even said it was unusual that I could run 13 miles and not have it give me problems as fractures can’t heal that fast and he thought it odd that I felt a pulling on the top of my foot when descending staircases (“Hm, could be some tendonitis…”).

Yah, so anything this guy says is questionable. I’m looking for a new orthopedist. In the meantime, my personal trainer and chiropractor are collaborating to develop exercises to strengthen my ankles, feet and calves.


12 thoughts on “Foot Injury Update

  1. God bless your personal trainer and chiropractor. The doctor definitely needs to be replaced. I hope you find someone who actually uses the brain God gave him/her. (Pardon the snark… sort of.)

  2. colliebrookcrossing says:

    I am having the same issue with my doctors. I broke my foot (two breaks with slight displacement) 6 weeks ago. And I was supposed to have a 2 weeks follow up to see if they saw any more damage once the swelling went down. Well… it’s been 6 weeks and I have been calling them every day for the past two weeks. I suddenly have an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

    And how did you get a little boot?! The boot they gave me goes almost to my knee!

    Since the doctors didn’t bother contacting me I went for a run yesterday. Then today they called me and said I had an appointment tomorrow. My foot is fine now, but thanks Doc, you’re a lot of help.

    *rolls eyes* Doctors… ugh.

  3. Ugh. I get so tired of “fake” diagnosis. Tendinitis? I hope you can find a GOOD physician that can figure this out. I’m glad your firing this guy. Evidently more people should!!!

  4. tundrawoman says:

    Fire his useless ass now. Look for an Ortho associated with a Sports Medicine Practice. I was such a good lil’ compliant patient I nearly died.
    And my L foot is a mess-still. Don’t ever hesitate to insist on reasonable answers to such questions as “WHY will you not order an MRI IN ADDITION TO X-rays?” If they’re treating you like, “Big me, Little you,” beat feet immediately somewhere else. You live in your body. You are paying the bills. You’re paying them for their expertise. But when it comes to what feels funky in your body? YOU are the expert. If they don’t have time to listen, you don’t have time to explain or ever darken the door to their office again.
    If a medical professional does not want to work WITH me? Then no hard feelings, it’s just not the right fit-for either of us.
    Please seek out a Sports Medicine Practice.

  5. I once was diagnosed with a bakers cyst behind my knee, caused by running. My doctor was an idiot who would diagnose everything, even if she didnt know. A bakers cyst is something that elderly people get. It fills with fluid, goes away, then refills. I didnt have that… Only new shoes….she got fired too 🙂

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