Ramblings About the Philly Rock n Roll Race


  • The two airplane flights I took last week were no good for the state of my foot. The changes in air pressure made the inflammation worse.
  • I was shaking for most of the half hour before the race started. It was from being scared, not the cold. This has never happened to me before a race.
  • They played music from Rocky as we waited for my corral to be released. Yay!
  • The RnR corral system worked really well for keeping things less congested. It was a smooth start compared to the non-corralled Fairfield Half Marathon, which was a bit of a free for all.
  • Pet peeve: the audacity of people who put themselves in a faster corral that do not belong there. They are a hazard to faster runners who have to get around them. The race timing started when you crossed the start line, so there was absolutely no good reason to go in the wrong corral for your estimated finish time. Just don’t do it.
  • We ran past the Liberty Bell, but I don’t think many runners were aware of it. I knew the building because I used to regularly run past it when I was 23.
  • When I ran the section of Philly I used to run as a 23-year-old, I heard the Pet Shop Boys song “The Theatre” playing in my head. I used to listen to their album Very on every run. On my Walkman. The song is about the homeless, which Philly definitely has a problem with.
  • One band played Philadelphia Eagles fight songs. Only the male runners rah-rah- rahed along. I thought this was funny.
  • 20130915-234737.jpg

  • This is the shirt I bought to put into the quilt I’m going to have made of all my race shirts from this year.
  • The race course was extremely flat and the weather was perfect, if a tiny bit sunnier than I’d prefer. Lots of PRs for runners today.
  • Totally random thought: I kept hoping one of the bands on the route would play the Gin Blossoms song “Hey, Jealousy.”
  • We spotted one guy with an artificial leg prepping to run. It reminded me of this video => Poor little tink-tink.
  • I’d never run the Kelly Drive stretch of the race. It was absolutely gorgeous and I’m jealous of those who get to run it regularly.
  • I ran on the farther side of the road to keep me from having to weave around other runners and to be able to pull over if my foot needed me to. Also, this allowed me to be in the shade longer and the pavement was not graded funny (the inner edge was slanted for water drainage), which also protected my gait and foot. This decision added distance to my race, but I’m ok with that. It was the right choice for the circumstances.
  • At mile 9, one of my molar crowns popped off. Nothing makes you feel like you’re falling apart from old age like losing your fake teeth during a run. Luckily I had my SPI belt to tuck it away.
  • I high-fived Mickey Mouse on the course, as well as a bunch of kids.
  • My husband was signed up to receive text updates of my progress during the race. I paid extra for the service, but he never got the texts, so he worried I’d dropped out from my injury and went missing. When I finally met him at our meet-up spot, he looked pretty worried.
  • I wore my trusty Newton’s. I love these shoes even more than ever. I saw more people wearing Newtons in this race than any other.
  • Because I decided my race strategy was to not race but rather be comfortable and enjoy myself, I looked less at my Garmin watch than usual. I mostly used it to check distance rather than pace.
  • Some kid who looked to be 14 or younger ran the last bit of the race in his socks and carried his shoes. Don’t know what that was all about.
  • 20130915-225639.jpg

  • I let the pro photographers take my picture after the finish line. This is not something I’d normally do. (See the small pics in this post — I’m not photogenic.) My sunglasses aren’t at all flattering, but they work great and I can’t even feel that I’m wearing them.
  • My husband took my picture by the Rocky statue and on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. I’ll try to post these when I get them off the camera.
  • We ate tuna hoagies from Salumeria at Reading Terminal Market for lunch the third day in a row.
  • My husband had to remind me only once that I shouldn’t be bummed about my race time considering I was limping around the city the two days prior (despite that I was trying hard not to limp because it was tiring out my ankles for the extra work they had to do). He thought I was lucky to be able to run at all. Pretty much everyone in Iowa thought I shouldn’t run based on how badly I was walking when they saw me last week.
  • I had time to shower, check out of the hotel and eat lunch before the last runners finished the race.
  • I’m home after a long-ish train ride home. I iced my foot during the ride. It feels ok, but my legs are gonna be sore tomorrow.
  • We go to England in 4 days so my husband can attempt to swim the English Channel. I’m going to try to run a 10k race there in two weeks if the foot is up to it.
  • 20 years of dreaming about doing a half marathon in Philadelphia… I did it! Guess I need to make another dream. Just not take 20 years to go for it. πŸ˜‰
  • 20130915-224127.jpgKinda crappy picture taken by an official photog. Wish this one came out better.


    6 thoughts on “Ramblings About the Philly Rock n Roll Race

    1. TartanJogger says:

      Some interesting points/observations: I totally agree about slower runners starting in the incorrect corral- it’s totally wrong. And annoying! Sounds like a brilliant race!

    2. jsrelease@gmail.com says:

      Yay! That’s awesome and I’m so happy for you. Can’t wait to see what dream you come up with next. I have to say that reading about your running has inspired me to want to run…almost ;).

    3. I’m so proud of you, and glad you made it to the end without injury. I noticed you threw that one sentence in there about slapping children’s hands gain:). Sometimes I think you must be a sant!

    4. Congrats – and welcome to England (when you get here).

      A friend swam the channel about a month ago – worst part is the waiting for your slot, she was delayed two days from the earliest slot time due to weather etc. That was a dream some years ago, but long gone now – I can’t really swim anymore as it causes me to get vertigo attacks sadly.

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