Phantom Pains of the Taper

I feel crappy today. I did not want to get out of bed. I’d planned going to yoga and the gym and neither happened. The only reason I left my bed & breakfast was that I wanted to stretch out my foot. I’m a little limpy today, which is a disappointment, especially since last night it felt almost pain free while walking back from dinner.

I have a 5k race tomorrow that I’m trying to strategize for. My trainer made me promise not to try it if I couldn’t say with certainty that I would drop out of the race if my foot was hurting. I agreed because I don’t want to jeopardize my half marathon next weekend. Whatever happens happens at the 5k.

So resting today isn’t the worst plan, but I’m full of anxiety about de-training. I only ran 10 miles this week. My foot, while better, still isn’t healthy.

My husband says it’s not unusual for an athlete to feel awful during the tapering period before a race. I googled about tapering, and it confirmed what he said. Not only is it emotionally taxing, but many athletes feel sluggish and tired during this period. And they even experience phantom pains that never plagued them during their peak training.

My foot isn’t a phantom pain, although I do think I’m having some of those elsewhere in my body. This whole process and injury are irritating the hell out of me. I miss how I felt before my half marathon in June, which was raring to go. But then, I had lower expectations for that race.

So, I’m filled with fear and just want to go home and do whatever training I safely can…

… Except that I (explicative) have to go to Iowa Tuesday through Friday. I may have to resign myself to a way below my hopes performance in Philly. Things just don’t seem to be pulling together right for this race.

Argh. I’m kind of pissed off. Apparently grumpiness is a side effect of tapering too.


4 thoughts on “Phantom Pains of the Taper

  1. How about this: This half marathon is about DOING IT. Next half marathon is about performance. Bless your husband for remembering the tapering issue. I’ve never heard of it. Go you!

  2. I hadn’t heard about the tapering issues either. Interesting. Don’t get down, I’m sure this is temporary. Get well soon. Enjoy the rest so that when you are ready, you will be stronger than ever!!!

  3. “…but I’m full of anxiety..” “…filled with fear” (that I won’t be perfect, my entire plan will be for naught, all my work will be worthless, I’ll be worthless etc.) Who installed those tapes?!
    sigh. The Legacy rears it’s head again…tell me how this doesn’t feel familiar.

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