Random Stuff While in Vermont

Just hanging out and resting my foot. I’m having a hard time not wanting to try a second run to prove to myself I’m ok. It’s all mental nonsense. I think 99 percent of my “difficulty” today was all in my wee little head.

Here’s my Full Monte:


Ok, so it’s a tofu burger sandwich called a Full Monte. Sorry to disappoint those hoping to see me naked (population: zero). I also had a banana, pineapple, strawberry and yogurt smoothie that I requested spinach added. It was the highlight of my meal. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Did I eat my pickle? I can’t remember. So not like me. I usually remember everything about my meals. I think I forgot to eat it. Damn.

Problem Foot with a View.
20130906-142044.jpgLike my fancy KT tape? It’s wrapped all around my foot and ankle. The announcer at the 1-mile race I ran last month quipped, “You know you’re a runner when you have more athletic tape on you than clothing.”

A dubious badge of honor if you ask me.

I stopped here to eat my lunch. You can see some walkways near the railroad and by the water — that was part of my run this morning. That’s Lake Memphremagog back there, and it stretches into Canada. Maybe if I stick my foot in the water, it’ll feel better. Not sure I want to. My husband has swum in this lake several times and it’s cold. There were frost warnings last night up here. He’s going to be on a boat for around 15 hours tonight starting at midnight. I will be snuggled up in bed watching “Now You See Me” on my iPad.

Musicians from last night’s dinner

We had dinner at a place that reminded me of going to my great grandmother’s house except the parlor was fancier and the food wasn’t as good. This is more a statement of my Italian great grandmother’s great cooking than a dis of the restaurant.

The duo brought these plastic clapper thingies to get people to applaud. Kind of silly fun. I had to confiscate my husband’s because he was having too much fun with it and he’s not really musical. He and one of the other restaurant patrons started a clapping war. I was pretty sure I dropped my child off at college last week…

20130906-142454.jpgMy butter crunch ice cream cone
This was a small and only $2.15. I couldn’t eat it all. Plus, the “crunch” in the butter crunch was more like hard candies, and I have a tendency to crack my teeth, crowns and fillings (I have a jaw grinding issue). If I sucked on them, the ice cream would melt all over my hand. So I was spitting them out, much to the fascination of some leering old man.

Gotta love small towns.

Bathing Suit I just Bought


I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I bought a swimsuit. Like 8 years or more. Is this not the coolest bathing suit ever? I bought it from Fancy.com. I might just have to wear it in public and not just beachy type places, I love it so much. I really have a thing for Jaws.

Sorry Little Mermaid. Bwahahaha!


Um, no, I didn’t eat the whole box while writing this post?

If you want me to love you forever, buy me a box of Maple Sugar Candy. I’m a floosie.

New Toy

20130906-143831.jpgI bought this Garmin Forerunner 10 because: 1) my Garmin Forerunner 210 keeps acting temperamental and I wanted a backup watch for my big races, 2) it’s purple and pretty. I kind of liked its lower-tech features in that it didn’t show me my pace, just lap speed, distance and time. Because I wanted to try to chill on today’s run and not worry about pace, this was a good thing.

It’s 4:20 pm, and now I’ve got to figure out what else to do with myself. I’ve already hit all the stores in town except Rite Aid and the used bookstore. Had to save something for tomorrow besides yoga and the gym. I may head into Quebec for a bit. Or not. They randomly stopped me at border patrol last year and searched my car. Not my idea of fun on vacation.

I did patronize a local everything-but-the-kitchen-sink (except they actually do sell kitchen sinks) store this afternoon. It is called Spit and Shovel (I probably got that wrong). They had the weirdest mix of stuff, from higher-end outdoor clothing to cheap bedding to hardware to live birds and aquarium fish. And maple sugar candy, so I will love this store forever. I even spit butter crunches in their parking lot to christen it.

Ahhhh, you gotta love small towns.


8 thoughts on “Random Stuff While in Vermont

  1. Great swimsuit! It looks like you can actually swim in it and it doesn’t have those awful high-cut legs that look terrible on everyone at every age: Kinda of an equal opportunity “Cruelest Cut” suit.
    Please wear your’s with pride! The leering old guy will have a hard-attack.

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