What I Can Do

I had a great training session today. My trainer was ready with cardio exercises that didn’t hurt my foot. She told me not to work through the pain and to let her know if I was experiencing any.

We started with spinning.20130904-181614.jpg

Then we worked my upper body with the Gravity machine.


Next we worked on the rower


Followed by some more arm work on the cable machines, this strange arm cycle thing I’d never even noticed before, leg extensions (I can do 60 lbs with one leg now! I used to do under 30 lbs in February. This is 60% of my weight.), hamstrings and finally abs and push ups. 20130904-182510.jpg

It was awesome doing cardio. I felt like I was doing something to train, even if I’m trying to take it easy on running. I’m doing all I can without being too stupid.

I got a cup full of Bio Freeze to use, instructions to ice, heat, massage and rest. I’m feeling pretty upbeat. My foot feels much better today thanks to my chiropractor and not running on it.

10 days to the race.


8 thoughts on “What I Can Do

  1. tundrawoman says:

    May your left foot turn out (or in or what ever) better than mine.
    What happened to the green stuff? Did you EAT THAT? 😉

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