Mixed Feelings

20130831-093000.jpgIt’s a humid, drizzly day here and I did my race volunteering.

May I be a bitch for a moment and mention how dingly (totally a word) and inefficient some people are? Ok. Won’t say more. Except that I don’t know how some people get anything done. I’m talking fellow volunteers, not the race organizer.

It was a little hard to not be running, but (disclosure), I’m nursing what I hope is a minor injury to that same foot that’s been bothering me since April. It suddenly hurt me a lot on Thursday morning and I had trouble walking on it. It’s feeling better, but I’m taking one more day off from training.

My trainer didn’t come. Not all runners like the rain like I do. Boo.

I probably would’ve won my age group if I’d run, or at least medaled. Except that I’m gimpy. So there’s that. Boo.

Otherwise, I liked volunteering. It’s not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.



2 thoughts on “Mixed Feelings

  1. That would drive me crazy not to run either! Good for you for volunteering. I nominated you for the family award..I know you have one, but I’m sending it our way again! Thanks for chit chatting with me here and there…I look forward to it! Oh….and get better!

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