Baby Bird Leaves the Nest

20130830-111229.jpgI don’t know why everybody asked me if I was going to cry when I dropped my son off at school. Well, at least not those who know me.

Maybe I’ll cry later, but honestly, I feel relieved. I’m kind of looking forward to cleaning up the scuz he left behind at home. I keep threatening to turn his room into a hot yoga studio.

Beyond that, I’m not sure how I feel about him going off to school. I promised myself when he was little that I would prepare him the best I could to let him go, to help him become himself rather than who I want him to be. The jury’s still out on how well I did that job, but most of my role in it is done. I think that is the point of parenting. I hope I got it mostly right.

20130830-111354.jpgdear lord, I couldn’t share this space


10 thoughts on “Baby Bird Leaves the Nest

  1. tundrawoman says:

    Actually, we did share a space that small. (After school, mine got smaller yet.) His underwear is now his “adult” problem 😉
    After the trip to Ireland? He’s lucky he took him back to the US…

  2. Gladys says:

    Mike just moved out recently, he was living with us again between getting out of the Corps and starting college. I was relieved to see him go! lol

    I kept telling him, how can I miss you if you don’t go away?? Now, of course, I miss his company. But I don’t miss the filthy socks and scuzzy toilet and loud music and all the food ever on the planet being eaten.

    Sounds like us ACoNs try even harder to raise our kids to be independent and mentally healthy. He looks half happy, half scared to death – the way it should be!

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