T minus 1 and counting

20130828-124917.jpgI’m tired.

Not sore, although my muscles feel well-used. I ran 7 miles yesterday, a pseudo-tempo run. I couldn’t quite get the acceleration I wanted, but given the great runs I had over the weekend and Monday, I’m not surprised. The fatigue accumulation of last week’s 48 miles caught up to me yesterday.

20130828-125745.jpgToday is a day off from running, which is a laugh because I meet with my personal trainer in an hour and a half. In sessions with her, it’s a “break” when she does high-low cardio intervals that put me on the treadmill for some sprints. I’m praying for as few 1-legged burpees as possible. Not my forte. I look like Miley Cyrus trying to twerk — awkward and clumsy.

I found out yesterday a date has been set for another (god-fucking-dammit-will-this-ever-end) memorial for my father-in-law that will be held in his hometown in Iowa. Normally I like visiting Iowa. I set my last novel there, a fish-out-of-water tale, and I adore my husband’s grandmother who lives there. But it is three days before my half marathon, and I hate the idea of having to travel so close to my 20-years-in-the-waiting event. We’re probably going to fly directly from Iowa to Philadelphia, meaning I have to pack for both trips, including all my race nutrition and other crap that I thought I’d be carrying in the car. Not ideal. The upside is that I’ll only be running about 4 miles a day prior to the race and the town in Iowa is beautifully flat and has great pathways for running.

Four days after getting back from Philly, we’re off to London and Dover, England for two weeks.

20130828-124929.jpgAnd remember, I take sonny-boy to college tomorrow morning, right after I squeeze in a seven mile fartlek workout. And I spend 4 days in Vermont right after that.

Have you got all my schedule straight? Because I’m not sure I do.

No wonder I am tired. Just thinking about all this makes me tired. At least most of it is by choice. I have to focus on the fun and positives of the next few weeks and not how little I’ll be sleeping in my own bed.

Have I mentioned my son has done next to nothing for packing for school? His clothes aren’t even clean yet. I’m envisioning the emergency call for underwear. Nevermind that I’ve asked him five times about his underwear situation. (“Yes, I need some. No, I don’t know what size, brand or kind. I’ll figure it out later.”)

I need a nap.


7 thoughts on “T minus 1 and counting

  1. jsrelease@gmail.com says:

    PV, I hope you make some time to take care of yourself in there! That’s sounds like an awfully lot on your plate! I’d be too busy bawling about taking my kid to college to do all that other stuff.
    I truly admire your stamina and strength! I hope you got a nap 😉 .

  2. jsrelease@gmail.com says:

    Oh, and I say, let him pack his dirty underwear and clothes (or lack there of). He will soon learn his way to the laundry room or find himself sitting lonely in his dorm room ;).

  3. Glad that I have a relatively free schedule these days. Yours sounds too packed for me.

    I’m of the philosophy that if he wants to figure out the underwear situation, then let him.

  4. tundrawoman says:

    Thinking of you today, PV. Launching sonny-boy into the world (or the womb of college life) is an achievement for any parent. Congratulations! The most fundamental task of any parent is to foster INDEpendence and you’ve done it. No small accomplishment.
    With that travel schedule, I’d have my time zones so screwed up my body would rebel in all kinds of nefarious ways. How are you doing all this??!!

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