Giving Back to the Racing Community

20130826-141406.jpgOne of my favorite things about racing is the little kids along the course who hold their hands out for high-fives. Lots of racers run right past them. I did once, at the end of my third race — I honestly didn’t see them, I was so focused on getting over the finish line. I felt terrible afterwards when I saw the photos of me running past with those kids’ arms eagerly outstretched.

I hope I never become too competitive to take the time to thank those kids, slap their palms and give them a smile of appreciation. Because I swear I get a jolt of their youthful energy every time I make contact. They super-charge me.

I’ve been hemming and hawing about what training races to sign up for in preparation for my two half marathons. I’m officially registered for the Rock n Roll Brooklyn 10k in October and I have my eyes on one 10k in England the last weekend of September, a 5k in Vermont in two weeks and a 5k trail run in October (in which I hope not to get lost like I did in my trial run last week). Frankly, 5ks are too short a distance for my training schedule in the next three weeks. I want to do the one in Vermont for fun, then I’ll go do the rest of my distance for the day after the race.

I’ve come up with a great solution to my racing-jonesing: I’ve volunteered to help with a local 5k on Saturday morning. It benefits retired race horses, and I’m hoping to convince my recently widowed step-mother-in-law (who is a horsewoman) to join me. Another bonus to this particular race is that my personal trainer is signed up to compete. I’ll get to cheer her on.

Plus, there is a fun run for kids before the adult event. I really hope I’ll be able to high five some of the youngsters participating.


8 thoughts on “Giving Back to the Racing Community

  1. I get too focused also. You know, I don’t know that I have ever noticed kids wanting to high five me during a race. Now I’ll pay closer attention! Great idea on helping with the 5K. That should be a great experience.

  2. I don’t get too competitive to slap their hands, but I do get to the point that I can’t even conger up enough energy to lift my arm. I do try when I’m energetic, but I am guilty of running to the opposite side n some circumstances:)

  3. I hope you get to high five some of the kids this weekend … retired racehorses? Sorry just strikes me as mad that there has to be a charity – they race and make money for the people who own them, surely they should pay into a retirement fund for the horses… just saying

    • I’m with you about the retired race horse thing. Apparently there are big problems in the horse world about their care post-racing career, especially those that aren’t big winner or perhaps never make it to the races. If they are sold internationally, many end up slaughtered. It’s a real shame. Seeing that I’d think racehorse owners love the animals, it should follow they take care of them as well. But apparently not so much.

      I’m not really a horse person but I am an old racing girl. Nobody’s putting me out to pasture yet 😉

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