A Day at the Races

20130825-163141.jpgHanging out at the track today. The horse race track, that is. I’m sure I could take one of these animals in a foot race. If I tied their legs together, maybe.

The track is a big deal around here in August. It’s not really my thing, but I’m here for a family shindig that I couldn’t get out of. Good thing most of the family members included are ones I like spending time with.

It’s always entertaining to check out the weird hats women wear to these things. I tried to convince my husband that I should wear my Cookie Monster beanie, but he said it was too warm and wouldn’t match my dress. As if I couldn’t find a dress to match!

20130825-164521.jpgI ran over 13.1 miles today in a training run. It went really well. I wasn’t quite as speedy as yesterday, but I managed even splits and averaged an 8:52 overall pace, getting me done in 1 hour and fifty-six minutes. It was great running weather today, if a little sunny (a little rain is nice on a run). I’m not sure if I’m keen on the slightly different model of Newton running shoes, the Distance U, that I test drove the last two runs.

I made it through my max mileage week of training, 48 miles total. The next three weeks are slightly less, between 33-36 or so. I take my son to college Thursday. The week after, I’m going to Vermont for a couple days. Looking forward to running in a new state. I may do a 5k race there for kicks. I suppose I’ll come up for air sometime at the beginning of 2014. Or not. I want to do a marathon or two next year. Moving forward, being alive.


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