Running Music

How many people can say they got to see the Philadelphia Philharmonic rehearse while they are on a training run?


It’s a gorgeous day here today, and I had a spectacular run in the park. My schedule had me doing a 6 mile “as you feel” run, meaning I should ignore my Garmin watch and listen to my body to determine my pace. I surprised myself with my discipline in not checking my watch every couple minutes.

I ran 6.25 miles in 52:58, averaging about 8:28 per mile. This was not even close to an all-out effort and totally hammers my race PR for a 10k, which was 55:39 back in May. I’m still worried about making my target half marathon time, although I’m right on or above track according to my training. I guess I can run faster, but it takes more than that to leave my worries behind.


5 thoughts on “Running Music

  1. Not that I don’t want you to reach your goals, but I think you should embrace yourself for training finishing the race at all. Not many people can say they even tried! I’m proud of you already!! 🙂

    • They were rehearsing in an outdoor amphitheater. The one here is kind of famous. In the summer, the NYC Ballet and the orchestra comes. This week, the Allman Brothers and John Mayer will be playing there. I forget who else.

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