Kind of Hilarious

Apparently, I’m not the most gifted gal when it comes to deciphering maps for trail runs.

Today was supposed to be a 5k cross country course followed by an easy 5k on my usual park paths. I never made it to part 2 because my tracking went a bit awry.

Here is what I was supposed to do:


Here is what I actually ended up doing:


The second map barely does justice to how many times I backtracked. I had one guy on a bike shake his head at me and say, “You have no idea of where you are going.”

I wasn’t so much lost as to unable to locate the correct turnoffs on the course. At least one I never did find. There were several instances I stood looking at the GPS map and seeing my “you are here” dot and the alleged pathway almost on top of each other, but around me was just brush. i circled these spots a few times, scratching my head like an idiot. At another point, I was on all fours scrambling up a steep hill that I’m pretty sure is not on the race course but did end up getting me back on track.

So, the 5k cross country trek took me 5.5 miles. I did the remaining mile off the course. Time-wise wasn’t my fastest, what with the navigational discombobulation. Good thing my goal today was to take it easy and have fun. Accomplished.


10 thoughts on “Kind of Hilarious

  1. So why didn’t bike-boy offer to assist? Yeesch.
    Some of us are truly directionally challenged. After all, it’s not like we started off on the right foot or headed in the right direction: If we had, we’d had made a break for freedom the same day we learned to crawl in any direction.

  2. I wonder if there is an app for laying out a course and following it–you did a lot of extra and still had a good time and a good run. Happy for that.

    • Sadly, I actually was using an app, mapmyrun. The problem was that it only shows the path another runner took on those trails, not the trails themselves. There were times it looked like there should have been a turnoff exactly where I was standing. But lo and behold, no turnoff.

      Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time I try it.

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