Four Weeks to Philly

20130819-115036.jpgI love this sign. For some reason, every time I see it, it cracks me up. It reminds me of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. I’m tempted to steal it, but then I’d be deprived of visiting it every year at Mirror Lake.

This week is peak mileage for my half marathon training. By next Sunday, I’ll have run around 46 miles for the week, with only Wednesday “off” for an hour of getting my butt kicked by my personal trainer. I’ve been looking into other training races between now and Philadelphia, but everything falls on my long run days and seem to be mostly 5ks or obstacle runs. No way I’m doing an obstacle run and risk twisting an ankle or worse. I’d really like a 10k, but I suppose I’ll survive just doing ordinary training. I think I just have a little bit of a racing bug.

The first 7/10 of a mile of both my Lake Placid runs. The Ironman running segment goes up this twice. Those people are lunatics.
20130819-113945.jpgYesterday was a hilly 5 mile run in Lake Placid. I felt a little less sluggish than on Saturday. It’s funny how your body can be fine-tuned one day and ass-draggy another. I’m trying to hang on to how fantastic I felt last Sunday during my 12 mile run (even though it was hotter and I hadn’t had a day off the day before like this week) rather than how pooped out I felt for miles 10-13 during Saturday’s 14 miles. Mental games to keep morale up.

My nerves are getting to me. In some ways, it’s harder knowing what I can do on a good running day. I’m trying to let expectations go (to a point — I do want to continue to improve) and just enjoy the ride my legs are giving me. With so much insanity going on in life, running is my savior. I shouldn’t fuck that up by making it all about needing to achieve concrete results. I need a healthy escape, not another way to beat myself up. Goals are great for motivation, but shouldn’t make or break the overall experience.


It’s hard to believe summer is almost over and my son goes off to college in 9 days. Does it make me a bad mom to be kind of looking forward to that? Rhetorical. I’ll tell you something: being the mother of a strong-willed, sometimes boneheaded,18-year-old ain’t for the faint of heart. I’m ready for him to discover life isn’t handed to him on a silver platter. Right now, to him I’m just mildly amusing mom who is silly to think he’s not going to find college the walk in the park high school was. He gets quite indignant when I tell him that I’m worried he’s going to just party his way through the first semester.

Today I’m headed for a six mile easy trail run. Because its a new course for me (and the site of a 5k I want to do in late October), I’ll have to go slow so I won’t get off course. Sometimes life and running aren’t all about speed or winning.

20130819-115858.jpgI find the tipped Adirondack chair amusing. I’m easily amused.


8 thoughts on “Four Weeks to Philly

  1. My son just re-moved out, starting college today. I am HOPING that life will HUMBLE him, soon, and seriously.

    “…being the mother of a strong-willed, sometimes boneheaded,18 [mine is 22!]-year-old
    ainโ€™t for the faint of heart. Iโ€™m ready for him to discover life isnโ€™t handed to him on a
    silver platter” <–this exactly! I love him desperately and also I want to pop him in the eye.

  2. Oh my heavens “goals are great for motivation, but shouldn’t make or break the overall experience” beautifully said! Sometimes its so difficult to not get caught up in pace times etc. thank you for the wonderful reminder! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Damn, PV: I missed ya! I just got back last night from Lake Placid. uh huh re: Ironman.
    Sonny-boy will be at the bottom of the social hierarchy at college-Freshman guy? HAAHAAA! (Not that I think that’s all PC etc., but it is reality!)

  4. Yeah-my best (another antique) friend lives there so I go for visits pretty regularly. (Just not in winter if I can avoid it.) Please let me know if you’re going and maybe we can get together, OK?

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