Lake Placid

20130816-110447.jpgI’m a fan of all sorts of horror movies. My favorite is Jaws, which is not so horror-y and gave me a lifelong interest in sharks (because how else would I survive an attack unless I knew all about them?). The movie that creeps me out the most is still A Nightmare on Elm Street. I’ve had enough bad dreams throughout my life to put that one on a special shelf.

I also like some of the campier flicks, like Shawn of the Dead ( it has a zombie bashing scene at a bar where the jukebox plays Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” that cracks me up — click the link to watch) or Lake Placid.

20130816-104715.jpgLake Placid was one of the first shows that brought Betty White back into the spotlight. She hysterically plays a foul-mouthed old lady. The whole movie is pretty fun, but Betty White is what makes it worth rewatching.

20130816-104934.jpgI’m hanging out in Lake Placid this weekend. My husband has a swim thing here. We’ve come here every summer for a long weekend, and my son especially loves the food at this one restaurant, Chair 6. Last night, I had the rack of boar. My husband ate the elk chop. We’re eating there again tonight. I’ll probably get venison. I’m no vegetarian.

Tomorrow I have a 14 mile run to complete on my training plan. Lake Placid just hosted the Ironman. The run is notoriously hilly, as this is a winter skiing area.

I’m avoiding all that and going to run five loops around Mirror Lake. There will be one steep hill to get to the lake, but otherwise, it should be a smooth run. It’s not that I’m a wimp about hills, it’s just not the point of this particular exercise. Plus I’m not sure how runner friendly the roads are outside the main part of town when a race isn’t happening. I had enough of a death scare running on some of the roads in Ireland that were curvy and without shoulders.

BTW, Lake Placid the movie isn’t in Lake Placid, NY. Bummer, I know. I’m sure I could find a foul-mouthed old lady here, but not one nearly as cuddly or with as many teeth as Betty White.

I’ve gotten to where I look forward to long runs. Yesterday was a seven mile tempo run that went really well. Four of the miles were run between 8:00-8:30/mile, at or below my targeted race pace of 8:30. I wasn’t even breathing very hard and could’ve held a light conversation had anyone been with me. I also finally understood what people mean when they say “relax” into the run. Whenever I even slightly thought “I want to back off this speed”, I was mentally able to check how I was physically feeling then tell myself I was fine and to just relax. Suddenly, the run felt easy again. Experience is cool. There’s no other way I would’ve learned to do this if I hadn’t practiced so much.

It’s only about a month to my half marathon, and I’m excited and nervous. I’ve wanted to do the Philly half for nearly 20 years. If nothing else, I’m proud of how far I’ve come since I started running in February.

Today’s a rest day from running, so my son and I will go poking around town. There’s a jerky store here that sells alligator jerky. Seems appropriate.


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