Because We Aren’t Busy Enough…

20130810-165635.jpgIn the middle of my FIL’s death, prepping for my son’s journey to college and Channel Swim (husband) and half marathon training (me), my mother-in-law sold her home of 20 years and is moving into the beach house she bought seven years ago.

We’re currently in Connecticut to help her with some of her unpacking. What a bunch of stuff a person can accumulate. It makes me want to get a dumpster for my house after the kiddo goes to college. I’m not a pack rat. My mother has a basement full of “collectibles” that she values more than my baby photos (which my dad rescued from her tossing and gave them to me about 4 years ago).

I can count seven trips we’ll be taking in the next two months. Since even before we left for Ireland, we’ve been half out of a suitcase. I almost never misplace things, but in the last month and a half, my husband and I are constantly trying to locate stuff that’s not in it’s usual place. Kind of chaos.

I just have to remember to breathe and thank god for running.

The view here doesn’t hurt, though.





5 thoughts on “Because We Aren’t Busy Enough…

  1. I am not up on real estate in my market or any other, but sometimes the best time to sell is when you have a buyer. This is an excellent way for her to deal with the grief his loss is sure to bring once the enormity and reality of his passing hits home.

  2. I understand about the packing up of stuff. We are still doing that with Mom and Pop’s house. Lots of valuable things to go through and deal with. Storage units help!

  3. tundrawoman says:

    Oh yeah, stuff multiplies! Even for the non-packrats. My very pedestrian life span has followed the predictable trajectory: Desire-Acquire-Pray for a Fire.
    It is a beautiful view. Looks like she’s right on the Sound/across from the Gold Coast (my childhood House of Horrors.)

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