Visualization Stimulation

20130809-115607.jpgLast night I had trouble sleeping.

There’s lots of advice out there about visualizing success to make it happen. “The Secret” and all that stuff. I do believe a positive attitude goes a long way, for robe, solving if nothing else. But I also think some tend to think “I’m amazing and fabulous and deserve nice things” while doing nothing more than taking selfies (god, I hate that word even more than “foodie”) and incessantly cataloging their banal life on Twitter.

With running, it takes more than wishing and imagining I’ve got wings on my feet. I’m up to about 40 miles of running a week, and they’ve been quality workouts. I work at fueling well, I listen to my personal trainer, I read read read everything I can about running. I get plenty of sleep.

Except last night.

I’m signed up for a Monday Night Mile race that will be held on the harness track here in town. The race will be in pace groups, and I signed up for the 7:30-7:59 group. In my last 5k, I ran the first mile in 7:26. In my last race, I ran the last 1/2 mile in 7:20. I’m hoping to get closer to a sub 7 minute mile if I’ve only got one to run.

What kept me up last night was visualizing not only making my goal, but winning my heat. My heart started racing and my breathing got faster as if I were on that track. It was a little odd for me. And then I was stuck with an adrenalin rush.

I’ve not got my heart set on winning or even a sub-7:00 mile. But it was picturing the victory.


4 thoughts on “Visualization Stimulation

  1. tundrawoman says:

    I try to visualize relaxing situations at night in bed and for years have been doing stretching stuff when I get in bed: You know how you think you’re sleepy and relaxed when you go to bed? My muscles tell me otherwise. If I was visualizing running much like you, I’d never get to sleep!
    I bet you will have a sub 6:00. You’ve met and exceeded every one of your goals. Just think: Last summer at this time you couldn’t have even imagined doing this AND you just started by walking when? Maybe 8 mo. ago? Wow! (with much admiration for you!)

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