One Good Thing

My father-in-law’s funeral last week did yield one silver lining: getting to see people we haven’t seen in far too long. This included one of my old bosses (who I liked), several co-workers, some of my husband’s family members that live far away and several family friends who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like.

One especially grand surprise was that our friend Tom drove 10 hours each way to get to the viewing at the funeral home. He basically came on Friday and left early Saturday morning. I spent a couple hours catching up with him, then my husband and I invited him to have dinner with the family at my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house.

I met Tom when I was 23. We were both in the same training program for work, and I was moving apartments. He graciously offered to carry boxes up my three flights of stairs, despite that it was freezing outside and he’d known me only a week (ok, he may have thought I was cute too). It turns out, Tom is just all all-around great guy and has been a great friend to my husband for years (he was my friend first, but I’d say he and my husband are much closer).

We were supposed to go visit Tom in another week for a party he’s throwing, but in light of recent events, we’re grudgingly having to decline. He’ll host 60 or so people there, and it’s maybe for the best since we won’t get quality time with him, even though we were invited to stay at his home. My husband and I plan to visit at a later date sometime after things have resumed some normalcy.

I’m really glad Tom came to town, even for a sad occasion. It reminded me of the value of a real friend.

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