My Heart Breaks a Little

Today I clandestinely watched my husband write an email to someone about his father. My heart hurt when I saw him change the word “is” to “he was my father.”


6 thoughts on “My Heart Breaks a Little

  1. You keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll come out on the other side and wonder how you got through it all. You won’t laugh about it some day, but it will pass.

  2. It is hard times – I realised when I had to deal with my Mum’s estate and wrap it all up that actually it was a useful part of the process of closing that chapter. The movement through the change of tense is actually gradual it isn’t an on/off thing. Now some years later I’m through that change – but I’ve watched a friend for a year or so still working his way through it, slowly slowly but he isn’t there yet. He beats himself up about it that he should move on but there is no rule on the time this takes is there

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