Coffee, Trails & Trials

Since I started exercising earlier this year, I found myself drinking more coffee. I usually am a tea drinker, but something about coffee feels like it goes with workouts.

It’s not just a caffeine thing because most of what I usually drink is decaf. But here in Ireland, I’ve been drinking all caffeinated coffee and loving it.

I’m not so big on Starbucks as I find their brew rather bitter. Here, most if the coffee is individually pressed and comes out perfectly. I’ve also found a place to stop by after my runs for a latte. I never knew I loved latte until my last trip to NYC. Ah, the joys of foamy milk.

It’s fun being a sort-of regular at a local place where they ask me about my run and how my husband’s swimming is going. It makes me feel more a part if being here than just being a tourist passing through, though clearly I am.

I can’t believe a week has already passed. We leave Monday morning. My husband has a 6 hour swim tomorrow and I want to haul my ass out of bed early enough for a longish run before the sun gets too high in the sky. It may be gorgeous weather here, but I still would rather run in 65 degrees than 75.

Today I ran a bit over a 10k. I heads back to James Fort to check out the old fort remnants and the gun battery that I had missed the last time I ran up here. I also ran through a more ordinary residential part of town because there was a 1 mile climb I wanted to tackle. There was also an old abbey at the top, but I noticed it less because I damn near got hit by a car. The driver neglected to put on his turn signal. I was scared half out of my mind.

The only sour spot in this trip has been my son and his friend who have been behaving like assholes. Yesterday I came back from a nice 4 mile walk to find they’d been flinging coasters out the window on to the street. We are renting someone’s place and I’ve been appalled by how disrespectfully they’ve been treating it and how fucking loud they’ve been, heedless of the neighbors.

I’m trying not to let this get to me, but I’m not doing as well as I’d like. My son has been on a downward spiral of questionable behavior that I don’t know if it is age-related ordinary or something more insidious. I have no bench mark because I was a bug under my parents’ thumb at his age, scared into the straight and narrow and desperate to make my own money and independence while not pissing my mother off. It was a bit of an unconscious dance.

I know 18 year olds tend to think they are invincible and their parents are idiots, so I’ll grin and bear it and hope it’s a phase. Ok, maybe grimace more than grin.

On a happier note, here’s some snaps of today’s run. I’m going to miss doing these trails, so I’ll have to find some at home. My new Newton trail shoes should be awaiting me at the mailbox when I return. More adventures await!














7 thoughts on “Coffee, Trails & Trials

  1. The snapshots look straight out of Tolkien’s middle earth. Or my perception of it. I have boycotted Hollywood spoon feeding me their interpretation of it.

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