Charles Fort run

20130708-234435.jpgMy husband isn’t faring well today. He got up at 4 am for his 2 hour morning swim, and he thinks he swallowed something in the water that didn’t agree with him. He came back to the hotel, puked and showered. He’s spent most of the day miserable and chose to skip the 3 hour evening swim. It’s not like him to do this sort of thing, so I feel really badly for him. On the other hand, he seems exhausted after the past three days, so I’m kind of glad he’s resting rather than risking drowning due to being too tired to function.

I had another fun run today. This time I followed a pedestrian path on the other side of the harbor to Charles Fort, a significantly larger fort than yesterday’s. I’ll probably do this course at least once more with an additional loop. There were done tough hills, and it’ll be a good chance to practice them in a low key way.

My run was split in half as I stopped for about 45 minutes to explore Charles Fort. Here’s a funny GPS mapping of my exploration:




20130708-234650.jpgThis structure was also used to house troops during WWI & WW2. It was pretty cool, although there were some creepy, dark crevices that were not barred to the public. Curiosity almost got me to poke in, but I’ve read enough Stephen King to know better.

I found a place to get really yummy caramel ice cream today. The weather service here issued an extreme heat warning. What’s funny about this is that it was a whopping 73 degrees outside.

While my husband rested, I explored a few more narrow streets that took me up a giant flight of stairs into an older part of town. I thought “Irish” was a nationality, not a language, but don’t tell the Irish that. Guess what this sign says:


No cheating with Google.

^^ a view from the top


4 thoughts on “Charles Fort run

  1. Hadn’t thought of it that way before: Swimming, you tire and you drown. Running, you tire and you sit down. Haven’t a clue what it says. Maybe I need to learn Irish. 🙂

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