Coolest Run Ever

This morning I was awoken by an idling bus engine. There is no air conditioning here and we had the window open to let in the sea air. Which was nice until the bus driver decided that 6am on a Sunday was a good time to start his engine and hang out in the parking lot.

It was just as well; I wanted to get in a run this morning. The weather here is beautiful. Maybe a tad warmer than ideal running conditions, but far better than the 90+ with high humidity at home.

I had to load on the sunscreen. I’m diligent about it at home, but didn’t think of it yesterday for my running day off. I was rewarded with a mild sunburn on my chest. Skin cancer is what felled my 92 year old grandfather, the Irish grandfather whose skin I inherited.

On MapMyRun, I found a route for a 3 mile easy run that we’d driven past yesterday and looked relatively pedestrian friendly. When I got to the point where I planned to turn and run back, I saw signs for James Fort. So I decided to see where they led.

My road run turned into a trail run up some hills and with a few stone steps. It winded up and I could view my hotel across the harbor. Then I ran around a grassy hill and…

The ruins of a fort from the 1600s. I don’t know what I expected to see, but the sight startled me into the giggle of a girl with a crush on her history teacher.

Of course I had to take photos, glad I carried my iPhone with me. 20130707-110510.jpg20130707-110549.jpg20130707-110606.jpg20130707-110527.jpg

Naturally, I had to walk in the now drained moat. No one was up there with me, but that wouldn’t have stopped my grinning. I’m a big nerd.

I was having such a good time, running at an easy pace, I ran into town and did some rather steep hills. An older gentleman out watering his plants said, “It makes me tired just watching you” as I trotted up. It was said with that lovely accent, so it cheered me all the more.

I ended my run at a coffee shop. The woman working there runs too. She asked if I just ran or if I was an “eventer,” which I discovered is what they call people who participate in races. She’s run a marathon herself.

It’s funny how many stories I’ve gathered from random strangers since here. Like the old guy on the pier yesterday who told me how he always swims backwards despite his best efforts to swim properly. Or the woman who told me all the names of the swimmers as they passed under the bridge. Or the guy at the sporting goods store who told us about his trips to the states. It’s fun.

Not sure what else I’ll do today. Maybe a harbor cruise or some shopping.

I’ll end this post with a photo of my hotel from the other side of the harbor. 20130707-111715.jpg


6 thoughts on “Coolest Run Ever

  1. Absolutely “The Coolest Run Ever!” Thanks! BTW, Did you see the skull and crossbones on the bottom of the one guy’s stone marker? (I saw it in the group of pictures associated with James Fort.)
    sigh. It looks so nice and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love Ireland.

    I love those days where you get out and see new things and people share their stories with you.

  3. If you’d have asked the bus driver he’d have have “Sure, it’s a fine morning you need to be up and about”. đŸ™‚

    Air con… in Ireland… sorry I did find that funny, maybe in about 2 hotels in Dublin but that would be it. In my career several Americans have come over to work on secondment, our lack of air con was often the thing they found difficult to grasp … oh and if American Football was on the tv the fact that they only showed highlights so there was no time to go back and forth to the fridge and the microwave!

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