Long Day, Short Night

It’s 10:10pm, and here’s what it looks like outside my hotel window:


So weird. I didn’t realize it stayed light so long here.

My husband is dead asleep. He did awesome today. Here he is during the race:


They swam in a skanky river that you couldn’t pay me to dip a toe into. But I had fun walking and jogging a little (Q & TW, I swear it was only a little!) alongside him as he swam. I took better pictures on my real camera, but I can’t share those until I upload them to my computer at home.

I’m trying to figure out how to get to Youghal from here on Thursday so I can run a race. I’m pretty sure I do not want to try driving myself. I thought I was gonna die at least ten times riding with my husband to Cork. I could practically feel my skin being scraped off my left side because he was driving so close to the rocks on the side of the road so he wouldn’t hit oncoming traffic. Hair raising.

I may have to get back to Youghal on Saturday to see a Queen Tribute band, lol. If only they were playing right after my race!


6 thoughts on “Long Day, Short Night

  1. I think the closer you get to the north pole the more daylight you get this time of year..unless I am completely wrong. So don’t quote me on that. More pics of you please.

    • More pics of me? My husband got a good one from my last race just past mile one before I started being miserable. I don’t have it to post at the moment.

      And my son won’t take any of me, or at least no good ones. He got embarrassed in front of his friend when the passport guy started telling me I was lookin’ good. Very uncool for my kid.

  2. jsrelease@gmail.com says:

    We passed a tour bus on one of those roads once. I felt like a sardine in our teeny, tiny car. Hair raising, indeed.

    If you meet “Freddy Mercury”, post pics 😉

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