Industrial City, Swim & Random Snaps

Rumor has it that the weather here in Cork County is the best on record. Ever. Or at least in the last 10 years. Depends in how much the storyteller wants to dramatize.

This afternoon I’m in Cork. My husband is racing this morning, a short 2 kilometers. He said the water is freezing, although the race is in a river, so that should be better than the sea water.

Cork is, well, not the quaintest town. It’s very industrial. I decided last minute to join my husband out here, so I’ve not got a sightseeing plan. I basically followed a crowd of people for awhile only to realize they were all competing in the swim, Vibes & Scribes, too. So I guess it’s destiny that I watch the start. I expect my husband will do well. He’s a top notch swimmer. He can almost keep up with people who went to the Olympic trials and has beaten former swim Olympians in distance swims (granted they were a decade older, but still. He’s 44 and beats the 20 & 30-somethings).

Have I mentioned I’m proud of him?

Driving on the other side of the road is intimidating. I did find a nice running path I will use to keep me out of the streets. They are super narrow. And bikes go on them too, which seems suicidal.

In case you aren’t sick of it, more about my race results: my team won and I placed 3rd on my team, meaning my time counted in the tally. So, for all my disappointment, I still get an award.

Maybe I’m too hard on myself. Nah…

Last night we ate at a place called Max’s, which is French/Irish. Excellent crab salad and awesome toffee pudding (more like a bread pudding than pudding pudding).

Saw a drunk Irishman in the hotel elevator who tried to convince us his band’s show was American. Um, ok. Not sure what that means, but also I didn’t come to Ireland to see American stuff. Lol.







2 thoughts on “Industrial City, Swim & Random Snaps

  1. The drunk has learnt that generally your countrymen expect American cultural experience anywhere. I once played a gig in CT and was intro as from the same county as The Rolling Stones and Peter Frampton several people after my set asked what state I came from!!! Doh! One swore blind that Frampton was born in California.

    • I’m embarrassed about my countrymen being so Ameri-centric. No wonder my foreign friends say my husband and I are not like most Americans they meet. It’s not like we try to be different, we’re just interested in learning and experiences and being a little out of our comfort zone at times.

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