Hullo from Heathrow

En route to Cork, Ireland!

I’m feeling a tad better about my race performance today. I came in #44 of 226 in my age group. Not bad. I still know I could’ve done better, but I was due a bad run. Now I can use what I learned about the experience to help me get better.

There is a race in Ireland on Thursday that I want to do. It’s also a 4 miler and is in a historic little town. I think it’ll be am opportunity to “reverse” my bad feelings about the Firecracker 4. Getting back on the horse and all that.

I’m writing this post from Terminal 1 at London’s Heathrow airport. I have to say, this is a nice place for a layover. Lots of decent places to eat and cool shops. We flew out of Newark, NJ, and it’s an embarrassment how awful that airport is. To think that is many international traveler’s first experience of the US…

My knees ended up killing me on the flight. I expected some calf issues after my race cramps, but my knees have never been a problem before. I think the super cramped economy class seats on Virgin Atlantic did me no favors. I’m so tiny, only 5’1″ and under 110 lbs, so for me to feel squished is saying something. Majorly disappointed in Virgin Atlantic. The food was abysmal too. Last time I flew Virgin (over a decade ago), it was a great experience. We may upgrade to premium economy on the way back.

My husband is going to an open water distance swim camp in Ireland. It’s known as brutal. I think he’s nuts. You can read more about it here. And yes, one of the guys who went to this camp died a month later while attempting to cross the English Channel. Which my husband will be doing in the fall. Crossing the Channel, that is. Not dying. He’s not allowed.

Because I’m like a 5 year old and the word “rump” makes me giggle20130705-115748.jpg


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