Not my best effort. In my defense, yesterday I did a regular crosstraining with my personal trainer and hot yoga. This was, per usual, a training run rather than a PR goal. But I still had high hopes.

It just wasn’t my day. It was about 85 with 85-90% humidity. I got a cramp in my left calf, not too severe but enough to slow me down. Truth is, I just wasn’t feeling it today.

My time was somewhere around 36:40. I’m bummed.

But I’m off to Ireland, so I won’t dwell.


4 thoughts on “Bleh

  1. As Ms. Judy said, “You finished.”
    Could you have imagined this 5/6 mo. ago?
    Do TELL about the heat and worse, humidity. IMO, unless you’re training to run regularly in a Monsoon, good luck because I’m north of you.
    If it’s all “this” here, I shudder to think of the challenges you’re facing.
    Have you left yet for Ireland?
    (Please forgive me if that question is too intrusive.)

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