Another Day, Another Race

Happy 4th!

I’m parked downtown, getting ready to do a four mile race. I’m nervous. I’d think I’d be over that by now, but no. I’m second guessing my decision to run for a team. And I saw a turtle trying to cross the road on the way here. I should’ve stopped and shooed it off-road. My brain in trying to tell me it’s a bad omen. Turtles are my favorite animal.

My more sane self is telling me it was a snapping turtle and likely have bitten me for my troubles.

After this race, were off to Ireland for 10 days. My son is bringing a friend. That’s going to have it’s own set of interesting issues, I think.

Ok, I’d better head off and stop procrastinating. Metallica’s “Fuel” is on the radio. Good omen.


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