The Me in Team

I’m something of a loner, which suits me fine. I get overwhelmed in large groups for a variety of reasons. I do much better in my own company.

Which is why running us such a great sport for me. It’s me, my magic running shoes and whatever book I’m listening to. My kind of perfect.

But there’s times when I do crave others or want to be a part of something.

Which is why I signed up to run as part of my local running club’s women’s USATF masters team (meaning we are over 40, not that I’m a master of anything) for the 4 mile race on July 4.

I’m excited and nervous. I don’t want to let them down. But I think it’ll be good for me to expand outside my own personal goals.


4 thoughts on “The Me in Team

  1. OK.
    But you’re fine alone and in your own world. You’ve accomplished more than you could have imagined-even with the initial help of a Trainer.
    You’re doing it through your own will/determination. You tune in your ear plugs and you go. The only one you’ve surprised is you.
    That’s more than enough.

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