Fairfield First Photo

fairfield half photo finish

I’m #1005. That guy is in my freaking way!
I like how the time is shown overhead.

I just got an email with a photo proof from my half marathon. I didn’t realize they had a photographer there.

I’m kind of laughing at the picture. I’m not smiling in it and looking at it I remember why.

I have a thing where I want to cross the finish line at whatever my top speed is at the moment. But at the end of this race, there was a bit of a clog in the finish line chute and lots of people were slowing down before they crossed the finish.

I was feeling irritated because I wanted them to get out of my way. Plus I have that white piece of gum poking out of one side of my mouth again. I need to stop doing that. It makes me look like a moron.

Lol. I’m not very nice.


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