Pics from my last 5k

I don’t yet have the pictures of me from the half marathon, although I’m not sure how great they’ll be since I surprised my husband by being ahead of schedule at the spots where he waited.

I suspect the half marathon pics won’t look too different than these pictures from last week’s 5k. I’m getting teased by my in-laws because I was so chipper and grinning at the top of the hills where everyone else was miserable. Just after mile 11, my sister-in-law texted to her mom and brother that I looked great, not tired at all. I also did high fives to any kid along the route who had their hands out and thanked everyone out with sprinklers and hoses. Did I mention it was 85 degrees out? Really hot for a race. Even the winner, a guy from Kenya, said it was hot and he wasn’t comfortable.

I think I must like running.

I’ll try to do a mini race recap for the half in another post. I don’t want to forget how I felt or what I experienced.

Here’s a picture of me at the start of the 5k. I’m in purple.


My favorite race start position, not quite at the front and all the way to the left.

Here’s the finish:


The finish was uphill. And I’m still smiling…

20130625-172102.jpgHere’s me getting my age group second place medal. (Remember that hoodie that the little girls were wearing at my first race? I’m wearing mine here.)

So, yah, I’m a grinning idiot. I think it’s because I wasn’t allowed to run around in that free way wee kids do, and now it’s all joy.


14 thoughts on “Pics from my last 5k

  1. tundrawoman says:

    Oooh! And you’re wearing your “Happy Feet” Shoes as well!
    Judy, I was thinking the same thing as well-how is this possible? ‘Fess up, PV!
    Again, congratulations! You’re just glowing-and it’s not sweat either.
    BTW, it appears the kid behind you is..ahem…checking out the rear view-right “taco q”?!

    • I swear I’m 43. When I first had my son, little old ladies at the grocery store would tell me how sweet it was that I was helping my mother with my baby brother. When I told one I was the mama, I thought she was gonna have a coronary until I told her my age. She said she thought I was 15.

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